Teacher Resources

WEMADEIT lessons link concepts from science, literacy, math, geography and social science within the Ontario Curriculum. They were developed using feedback from 36 high school girls, over 300 of their peers and STEM teachers in Waterloo and Thames Valley. Participating teachers have said WEMADEIT is like having a light bulb turn on for them and their students.

Below, you’ll find everything you need to get started with your grade 7 or 8 students today. If you’re interested in our hands-on workshops, visit the Teacher Training page.

We’ve done our best to develop lessons with materials that you can easily find in the classroom or at home, but occasionally they require a little bit more. For those lessons, we’ve teamed up with Kidder to offer readymade kits for your classroom. Order Kidder kits here!

Not sure where to start? Download the CURRICULUM CONNECTIONS PDF to help you build WEMADEIT directly into your lesson plans.